Trees Are Our Lungs


Trees, breathe our air, clean out our impurities and provide us with fresh oxygen.

By planting one tree you can improve your own relationship with the environment forever, you will have a living representation of your own labor, you will offset your own carbon emissions as well as your neighbors. Best of of you will instantly Improve the environment.



Trees help the environment.

One tree can absorb a ton of carbon in its lifetime. That is a lot of carbon.

Trees provide a habitat.

Countless species are struggling because of habitat destruction, by planting a tree you are giving refuge to hundreds of  species that are in need.

Trees are natural air conditioning.

One tree can provide your home with enough shade to turnoff, or even get rid of your air conditioner all together. They can reduce the heat in your home by 20 degrees in the summer. Thus drastically slashing your energy bills.

Trees diminish Urban Heat Islands.

Trees are made of rich bio-matter which helps absorb heat that is reflected off of urban structures.

Trees conserve water.

Trees root systems distribute water within the ground and keep it there much more effectively than sprinkler systems, this also helps reduce the chance of flooding or erosion.

Trees absorb sound.

Groups of adult trees that are placed between a highway and home can absorb up to 45% of the noise produced by traffic.

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Have you thought about it?

What happens after the garbage men?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American produces about 4.4 pounds (2 kg) of garbage a day, or a total of 29 pounds (13 kg) per week and 1,600 pounds (726 kg) a year.

*This does not included businesses, construction, industrial or commercial trash.*

The USA is bad when it comes to waste, yet its not the worst–In Mexico, the average household produces 30 percent more garbage than in America.

The amount of waste produced by Americans alone is enough to form a line of filled-up garbage trucks and reach the moon.

Now picture a line of dump trucks waiting to fill a crater with our waste.

85% of our trash is taken to landfills or dumps. Paper waste makes for about 35 percent of the total material filling up landfills. Considering that most of this paper can be recycled, our trash problem could easily be cleaned up.

So think twice before you throw it away.

-Can you use it again?

-Can someone else use it again?

Do you really want your leftovers to end up here?


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What in the World Am I Doing?

You’ve see all these great facts and tips about how to save, what is sucking energy, and easy changes that you can make, all across this blog… but why??

I have decided to track my own carbon footprint. I filled out numerous carbon calculators with data from my living habits when I am not attending school.

Some of the results were great (for example my eating habits are far better for the environment then the average American) other results, like my emissions produced from my transportation habits, were dismal.

I was rather shocked that overall my emissions are just under the average for the typical American. I was under the impression that I was living a very green life and conserved much more then the typical person. I predict that if other people took such quizzes they  would undergo the same kind of shock that I did. “My shower really uses that much water?”

Thus I am attempting to greenify my habits. I am going to see just how much energy, water, material, natural gas,  and kilowatt hours  I can save.

To review my full list of goals, my methods of reductions, my initiatives of conservation, and my overall renovated daily habits, check out my PLAN OF ACTION page!

I personally challenge you to see if you can out maneuver my mission and reduce you emission even more!

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Did you know that plastic bag can take up 350 years to break down naturally??!?

That means that the plastic bags you use will still be our ground in 2360! That also means that if King Charles 2nd used plastic bags.. we would still be digging them up!

Fortunately for King Charles 2nd plastic bags weren’t invented till the 1950’s.

Since that 1950’s we have gotten very efficient at wasting! –

It is estimated that we use over 500 billion plastic bags annually. 500,000,000,000 plastic bags used per year.

Or in other words, that’s almost 1 million plastic bags used per minute.

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Check out the “How Much Does It REALLY Save?” page to check up on how much energy and water your favorite, or most used appliances are actually consuming!

Try to reduce your use of the energy sucking appliances and monitor your use of all other electronics.

If you’re looking for a challenge try calculating how much energy you use in a singe day!

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Feeling Down About your Carbon Footprint?

Here are some quick tips on how to reduce your carbon footprints and improve you habits everyday.

Try following a few of these for a week- see which ones work with you and adopt them as part of your routine forever!!

20 Tips to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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Do you know how much you use?

Do you really know what your consumption is? How much electricity do you use per day? Can you visualize it? Did you know that your habits might require entire worlds to sustain?

If you answered no to any of these questions, take a global footprint quiz, and educate yourself about your own tendencies!

Here are some great calculators, but if you want to explore, just type in Carbon Footprint, and see what you can find!

Nature Conservancey Carbon Calc.

Interactive calculator

EPA Calculator

Eco Print Calc


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