What in the World Am I Doing?

You’ve see all these great facts and tips about how to save, what is sucking energy, and easy changes that you can make, all across this blog… but why??

I have decided to track my own carbon footprint. I filled out numerous carbon calculators with data from my living habits when I am not attending school.

Some of the results were great (for example my eating habits are far better for the environment then the average American) other results, like my emissions produced from my transportation habits, were dismal.

I was rather shocked that overall my emissions are just under the average for the typical American. I was under the impression that I was living a very green life and conserved much more then the typical person. I predict that if other people took such quizzes they  would undergo the same kind of shock that I did. “My shower really uses that much water?”

Thus I am attempting to greenify my habits. I am going to see just how much energy, water, material, natural gas,  and kilowatt hours  I can save.

To review my full list of goals, my methods of reductions, my initiatives of conservation, and my overall renovated daily habits, check out my PLAN OF ACTION page!

I personally challenge you to see if you can out maneuver my mission and reduce you emission even more!


About ggerlach

I am a first year Brown student, attempting to blog about a project for EVNS 11!- The Traveling Tree
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One Response to What in the World Am I Doing?

  1. Brent says:

    Do you mean transpotation habits GG, transpiration bogles the mind.

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