I am currently a freshman at Brown University and I have a mission to reduce what I use. Over-consumption is a modern habit, and it can be changed as easily as it was adopted.

I began my reduction process by taking a carbon footprint calculator quiz, to find out just how much C02 I was emitting. I calculated my footprint by using my daily habits when I am living at home. The Results??

I emit about 25 tons of carbon every year.

That is only two tons less than the average American! What was I doing wrong? I thought I was living quite green compared to the average citizen of this nation… and yet?

It turns out that most of my habits are much more eco-friendly then the average American, yet there were a few aspects of my life that skyrocketed my emissions-Such as Plane Travel.

I emit 15 tons of C02 through my transportation habits.

*All but .2 of this 15 tons came from flying.*

In the past year I took 6 shorter flights, and 6 long flights. About half of these due to my need to travel, the other half are because of the necessary commute to school and home again. Sure I could stop flying altogether, stay in one place and be GREEN. However my travels are a large part of my life, and to a point they are why I am even interested in Green Living, and sustainablity. So what do I do now?


I have chosen to offset my flying through a variety of ways. The first of which begins with a volunteer collaboration with a local Providence non-profit, Trees 2020 . Through Trees2020 I am working to increase Providence’s tree cover, but also to reduce the chance of asthma, to improve public spaces, to create new environments, improve local parks, and enhance Providence’s appearance as a whole. Currently I am working to develop a series of studies which can aid in promoting the Trees2020 cause.

Furthermore I have taken on a personal challenge to consume and thus waste less. I have developed a Plan Of Action which I intend on adopting and following strictly from day to day. Some of my goal are sort term and drastic, I am hoping that these will enlighten myself and those around me as well as play a part in my overall habit change. Other goals I intend on adopting for the rest of my life, while at school and at home.

I am hoping that this page will not only keep me on a green track, but inspire others to research their own emissions and reduce their consumptions to a sustainable level. More importantly I hope that my work will prompt my peers and my elders to get involved in a just cause that can make a difference.


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