Nature’s New Design.

The knew version of playground design. Skip the store bought playhouse, and transform your tree into the newest fad, add a rope swing, and produce instant joy.

Try to think outside the average windpower design and intigrate natural design.

Why not pass up buying the latest lawn furniture and instead invest in a living piece of artwork? Challenge yourself and build a tree shelter.

Singapore University of Technology and Design hasn't even been built yet, and won't officially open its doors for classes until 2012, but school officials and architects are already feverishly proposing ideas for its design.

What happens when you take designs from the material world around us, and apply them to our natural surroundings?- Treeladders!

This Tree Restaurant in New Zealand is a perfect example of how natural design is being used to create more oppertunites for people to connect with the environment.

Goddy yard decorations are a fad of the last century!= Time to update with literal Stick Figures! If you patient you could create an entire yard scene!

Have you always wanted to out-do your neighbors? Here is and idea- weave a tree into a fictional utopia!

Stretch the perspectives of design materials. What was once iron is now a living tree, what was once set in stone is now a growing art form.

Express your passions through nature, become an artist, and promote your ideas

We have all seen the thrones carved into old stumps, yet what about a living throne? The benefits are endless- no sap, to jagged edges, and best of all it grows as you do- forever young!

Try to think outside the usual structure, think around the typical form, the established uses, and create a new method of natural design. Rather than struggling to contain nature’s boundaries, challenge yourself and see how far you can bend the rules!


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