The marching orders to revamp an almost green life!

Plan of Action

1)              Work with a local organization to help offset my inevitable CO2 emissions.

Trees2020 is my organization of choice. We are working on increasing Providence’s tree cover to 40% by 2020.

2)              Help plant five trees a year.

Once these five trees reach maturity they will be capable of emitting 1,300 pounds of oxygen every year. This is enough to support ten average people.

3)              Use organic or homemade cosmetics to eliminate the transportation footprint, the toxins, and the packaging.

It is extremely easy and beneficial to the health of your body to make your own cosmetics. I am beginning with making my own shampoo out of essentials oils and backing soda, and conditioner out of an oil and egg based mixture.

4)              Time my showers, and work to reduce to reach my goal of the four minuet shower.

This would mean that I would use about 8.5 gallons of water, rather than my usual 20 gallons!

5)              Work by natural light.

The sun comes up for a reason, and I plan on using it! By shutting off your lights completely you can greatly reduce your footprint!

6)              Do not throw away anything for a week.

According to the EPA the average American throws away 4.4 lbs of trash a day. Seems high right? Well I am going to try and not use the garbage for a week-which should save near30.8 lbs of trash.

7)           If my commute is under two miles, I will walk, or bike.

Nearly a quarter of all car trips are under two miles, a distance that can be cycled in under 15 minutes.



One Response to PLAN OF ACTION

  1. Mark J. Gerlach says:

    Very interesting and effective Plan of Action. Oh what a different world this would be if everyone in this country was so conciencious.

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