The Traveling Tree

I have decided that the best way to raise awareness about the benefits of trees, the necesity, of conituous planting, and th growing problem of Co2 emissions….

Is to carry around my own tree.

The Traveling Tree.


Right out of the box.

I bought a small bonsai tree and I have been taking it with me, a green accessory, in order to promote questions.

When people ask me why in the world I have a tree, I am able to answer with exactly what I want them to know.

1) Calculate your carbon footprint

2) Find ways to reduce it.

3) Plant trees! Because they are truly great!

4) * If you are extra amazing, get your own bonsai and carry it around!

So far the Traveling Tree has been to-

-The Ratty.


-All of my classes (Bio Med, Pembroke, Hunter, and Marcy.)

-The SCILI, The Rock

-The VW

-The Student Center

-The Art store Utrect.

-The Vintage stores! (second time around and world affairs)

-The Omac (though only once, but too dangerous for a tree.)

Taking the Traveling Tree for a Coffee and study date.

Writing a Paper with a little traveling tree inspiration.

During a serious final study cram, people were very curious about why I had a Tree!


One Response to The Traveling Tree

  1. Mark J. Gerlach says:

    Cool. Are you getting lots of inquiries as to why you are carrying a tree around with you?

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